About us

ELS Analysis

ELS Analysis is a consultancy and advisory focussed on global energy markets, policy developments, political risks and how they are interlinked.


Helping clients trough the transition


A partner helping clients to navigate trough an increasingly complex energy market ecosystem towards business success


We believe in objective and fact-based analysis driven by expertise and in-depth knowledge  of energy markets and policies 

What we do

ELS Analysis provides insights into the intersection between energy and commodity markets and policy/regulations. Our model builds on cross-sectoral analysis of how politics, security/geopolitics, macroeconomics and energy affect each other. ELS Analysis strives to tailor its advisory closely to its clients’ requirement through rapid high-quality analysis of the wider energy sector.

Our team

ELS Analysis’ business modell allows the company’s team to draw on a wide external international network of experts in order to deliver on multiple and large-scale projects. The core team is located in Stockholm.

Samuel Ciszuk

Founding Partner
Samuel has experience from both private and public sectors, having worked in expert and consulting roles within the global energy markets, policy and energy security fields in London and Stockholm. Samuel manages ELS Analysis’ global project and services.
+46 72-394 44 90

Elin Akinci

Founding Partner
Elin is ELS Analysis’ European policy and energy markets expert, having experience from both EU negotiations and corporate strategy development. Before founding ELS Analysis she worked in the energy sector in Turkey, UK, Southern Caucasus and Sweden.
+46 72-222 54 17

Henrik Lindsjö

Senior Partner
Henrik is a senior partner at ELS Energy Analytics and is developing ELS’ online platform for energy system/market analysis and data visualisation. Henrik has an engineering background and extensive experience as a consultant to the power industry, particularly in energy system optimization, production and market integration.

Stefan Swärd

Senior Advisor
Stefan is a Senior Advisor at ELS Analysis and a partner in ELS Policy & Market Services. Stefan has a long and distinguished background in Swedish and European climate and energy policy analysis and for many years ran his own consultancy.

Siddharth Iyer

Siddharth is a market analyst at ELS Analysis. Siddharth has an engineering and financial data background and is managing the company’s continuous market analysis as well as developing ELS’ in-house data model.

Shana Cases

Shana is a policy analyst at ELS Analysis. Shana has a background in law and international relations and oversees legal and regulatory analysis at ELS, particularly for the European Union.

Carl Rosenberg

Carl is a policy analyst at ELS Analysis. Carl is a political scientist with experience in policy research. He monitors policy and political developments with a focus on Sweden.

Interested in our services?

We look forward to discussing and identifying how and where we will be able to support you. Please contact us by emailing els@elsanalysis.com or by using our quick contact form.