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Privacy Policy

The use of “ELS Analysis” in this text refers to the parent company ELS Global Advisors AB (corp. registry no 559184-9715) and its subsidiary company ELS Policy & Market Services AB (corp. registry no 559353-5882).This Privacy Policy gives information regarding collection, processing, storage and sharing of personal data in ELS Analysis.

Access to your personal information

Your relationship with ELS Analysis will determine which company, mentioned in the introduction, have access to and processes as well as are responsible for your personal data.

Collection, processing and sharing of personal information

The processed, stored and shared personal data in ELS Analysis is typically collected from you and, where necessary, also from third parties. Collection of personal data from third parties, are mainly collection of personal data from your colleagues or other people who recommends contacting you in connection with a specific assignment, query, job or co-operation. Your information can also be collected indirectly e.g. via cookies.

Personal data is shared between the companies described in “ELS Analysis” for our business purposes or where needed, in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.

Since ELS Analysis also operates and have customers outside Sweden, personal data can be transferred and processed by ELS Analysis trusted suppliers and business partners outside of EU/EEA in certain situations. Personal data is shared with third party service providers, such as IT service providers lawyers and other external professional consultants or advisors.

Personal data is shared with ELS Analysis business partners to the extent it is required for ELS Analysis fulfilment of any potential or actual contracts or if it is required by law or pursuant to any order of court or other competent authority or tribunal or by any applicable stock exchange regulations.

Storage of personal information

Storage of personal data processed electronically by ELS Analysis, will mainly take place on servers located in EU/EEA. In case of local systems outside the EU/EEA, the personal data is usually stored in the respective country.

Any international transfer of personal data out from the EU/EEA will be subject to appropriate security measures and all reasonable steps to ensure that the personal data is protected and maintained in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable data privacy laws. This includes relying on an suitable mechanism for data transfer under Chapter V of the GDPR, including, inter alia, adequacy decisions and appropriate safeguards, and, where necessary, supplementary measures required. If you wish to receive a copy the appropriate safeguards taken by us or information regarding where these safeguards have been made available, please contact us by using the contact details stated below.

The purposes and legal basis of the processing activities

Your rights

Your rights can be exercised by sending an email to els@elsanalysis.com.

In case of any questions regarding the privacy and security of the personal data that is being processed by ELS Analysis, and which companies within ELS Analysis are data controllers, please send an email to els@elsanalysis.com